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FIT4FoF project aims at addressing workers’ needs, analysing technology trends across 6 industrial areas of robotics, additive manufacturing, mechatronics/machine automation, data analytics, cybersecurity and human machine interaction, to define new job profiles, which will inform education and training requirements.

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    Stay updated with the latest news and activities of the FIT4FoF project

    • Graphic_overall-scenario.jpg

      FIT4FoF developed persona-scenario drawings according to the situation of the Industry

      What will the industry be like in 10 years' time? What will its workers be like? These two questions are what the FIT4FoF members asked themselves to develop the images of the scenarios and people.

    • MTU_Interview.jpg

      "It became clear that we had the capacity to address call challenges and we could offer something a bit different"

      Interview to Kieran Delaney, member of the Munster Technological University, leader partner of the FIT4FoF.

    • BOSTON Entrevistas_Interview.png

      "Collaboration is key, at ICOED learners are inputted directly into training design"

      Interview to Ronan Emmett, member of Boston Scientific and partner of the FIT4FoF.

    • 1633682711552.jpg

      MESAP concludes its educational pilot with a very positive outcome

      MESAP organised during October its educational pilot based in the Industry 4.0 implementation

    • CEAGA - interview Borja Dapena_Interview.jpg

      "Communicating is part of the process and we must give it the importance it deserves"

      Interview to Borja Dapena, member of CEAGA and partner of the FIT4FoF.

    • FIT4FoF NOV18 Lisbon final event.jpg

      FIT4FoF partners meet in Lisbon to offer a workshop on ICoED and present their outcomes at the final event

      As part of the Skillman International Forum programme, members of the project travelled to Portugal to offer an online and face-to-face conference to attendees.

    • SIF 2021 promotion banner.jpg


      The FIT4FoF project celebrates its final event at SIF2021

      After three years of work on FIT4FoF, the project comes to an end with a final event where results and best practices will be shared at the Skillman International Forum.

    • skills4.0-06.jpg

      The IPB launches, within the FIT4FoF project, a tool for the analysis of upskills

      Discover FIT4FoF's Skills4.0 platform that recommends education programmes according to the matching of job profiles, trends and skills to improve.

    • evento 27octubre-07.jpg

      "Analysis of Skills and Job Profiles in Factories of the Future", the last Knowledge Transfer Workshop of the FIT4FoF project

      The FIT4FoF project organises a new exchange event on 27 October where you can test the upskilling analysis tool.

    • sep22 FIT4FOF-01.jpg

      FIT4FoF members celebrates the event "The design of an Industrial Upskilling Activity - the FIT4FoF ICoED process"

      The FIT4FoF project organises a new Exchange Event on 22 September where they will do an exercise on ICoED with the attendees.

    • MESAP - Paolo Dondo_Interview.jpg

      "FIT4FoF, a project created to fill professional gaps and support companies in innovation 4.0"

      Interview to Paolo Dondo, member of MESAP and partner of the FIT4FoF.

    • FIT4FoF Skillman webinar July15.png

      FIT4FoF members presented the project to the Skillman audience

      The webinar "Tailor-made upskilling for the Factory of the Future" explained the approach to identify futre skills and job profiles, how an educational programme is developed and how it was implemented in one of the project pilot plants.

    • S2i - Sabine Hafner_FIT4FoF.jpg

      "CoP and Co-Design process are elements which bring collective intelligence to the project and additional know-how that cannot easily be sourced otherwise"

      Interview to Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann, member of Steinbeis S2i GmbH (S2i) and partner of the FIT4FoF.

    • Knowledge exchange workshop 190521 FIT4FoF.jpg

      FIT4FoF project organized its second Knowledge Exchange Workshop centered in future skills and job profiles

      Project partners met to share experiences, knowledge and results around the skills and job profiles of the industry.

    • CAG_1990.jpg

      CEAGA completed the first educational pilot of the FIT4FoF project

      CEAGA organised during April its educational pilot in the Automotive sector.

    • workshop ICoED 29 april-01.jpg

      FIT4FoF project organized a workshop to discuss about the ICOED process

      Project members met online this morning to share their experiences and best practices on the ICoED process.

    • April6 ECA morning Session FIT4FoF-01.jpg

      FIT4FoF project presents its first results at the European Cluster Alliance Online Sessions

      Kieran Delaney (CIT) and Paulo Leitao (IPB) had the opportunity to present the latest results of the project during the morning session of the European Clusters Alliance.

    • April6 ECA morning Session FIT4FoF-01.jpg


      Skilling for the future: the FIT4FoF project

      FIT4FoF will present at ECA Morning Session on April 6 at 8:30h (CET).

    • Interview ARCTIC.jpg

      "Training represents an important opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees"

      Interview to Maria Tataru, member of ARCTIC and member of the FIT4FoF project.

    • Screencapture of the meeting.png

      CEAGA holds a co-design session to prepare its pilot

      CEAGA organised during December a workshop with members of the companies of the Automotion Sector of Galicia to prepare its educational pilot.

    • IMG-20201030-WA0006.jpg

      ARCTIC brings together its working group to prepare its training pilot

      At the end of October, the meetings that precede the realization of its Pilot started in ARCTIC (Romania).

    • UCN - Anders Vestergaard_IG - IN.jpg

      "Companies are aware they need a high competence level to stay competitive in the global economy"

      Interview to Anders Vestergaard, member of the University College of Denmark and member of the FIT4FoF project.

    • IPB - Paulo Leitao_IG - IN.jpg

      "These new jobs requires a multi-disciplinary knowledge, the STEM education is a good example"

      Interview to Paulo Leitão, member of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and member of the FIT4FoF project.

    • FIT4FoF_ICPS2020-07.jpg


      CeDRI and IPB will launch a paper on workforce skills at the International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

      CeDRI and IPB, partner of the FIT4FoF project, launch the paper "Analysis of the Workforce Skills of the Factories of the Future" to be presented at the International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

    • Entrevistas_TW.jpg

      Interview to Anna Rey (CFI)

      Anna Rey answered some questions about the participation of the CFI in the FIT4FoF project.

    • P1030853.jpg

      The team meets in Paris for its 3rd Consortium Meeting

      Highlights of the third meeting of the FIT4FoF consortium held in Paris on 19 and 20 November 2019

    • Unknown-2.jpg


      The FIT4FoF project participated in the Skillman International Forum 2019

      Members of CIT and S2i went to the Skillman International Forum and offered a training design workshop.

    • Re-survey TW.jpg

      The FIT4FoF opened the survey to identify the skill gaps in the Factory of the Future

      The skills survey to help us create a picture of the gaps in the industry has been launched.

    • Workshop FIT4FoF. 2.jpg

      We have reached 100 members of the Communities of Practice!

      The Communities of Practice aims to bring together a community centered on the FIT4FoF and, in less than a year, we have reached the 100 members with whom to create that community.

    • Captura de pantalla 2019-07-25 a las 0.29.58.png

      New video about the meeting in Germany and a few words of the Communities

      Images from the meeting celebrated in Germany in June and short interview to Sabine Hafner, person in charge of the development of the Communities of Practice in the project.

    • FIT4FoF_survey_IN-03.jpg

      Participate in our survey to detail skills gap and identify future job profiles

      The FIT4FoF project need people to participate in our survey to help us identify new work places

    • Family_portrait_meeting_Karlsruhe


      FIT4FoF partners meet in Germany and celebrate a workshop on future trends

      Summary of the meeting and workshop of the FIT4FoF project partners at the Steinbeis headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany)

    • Upload_your_initiative_FIT4FoF.png

      Digital catalog of initiatives for the training of workers 4.0

      The Digital Upskilling Initiatives Catalogue aims to improve the skills of the workers of the Factory of the Future through collecting this initiatives from people around the world

    • Upload_your_initiative

      We are looking for upskilling initiatives!

      The Digital Upskilling Initiatives Catalogue aims to improve the skills of the workers of the Factory of the Future through collecting this initiatives from people around the world

    • Family_portrait_FIT4FoF

      Summary video of the Kick off meeting

      A brief report about the situation of the project during the first meeting celebrated in the Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland)

    • Mapa Codes actualizado2-01.jpg

      A new EU Project will prepare workers for over 100 new job profiles in the Factory of the Future

      A consortium formed by 9 partners from 8 different countries will work in the European project FIT4FoF, supported by European Commission in the next 3 years.


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