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Closing the gap: Digital Upskilling in the Automotive Sector

There is a pronounced gap between the skills available in our sector and those that are required as a result of the introduction of new technologies and automation.  CEAGA has long been warning...

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The Galician Automotive Industry is the primary driver of the economy of Galicia, in the north-west of Spain, with a combined turnover of 8.68 billion euros and over 21,000 direct employees. CEAGA, the Galician Automotive Industry Business Cluster, brings together more than 120 companies in the sector. Their technology centre promotes cooperative projects to improve the competitivity of the automotive industry in Galicia and has allowed the industry to develop high-value strategic initiatives.

  • Avenide citroën, 3-5, 36210, Vigo. Spain
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There is a pronounced gap between the skills available in our sector and those that are required as a result of the introduction of new technologies and automation.  CEAGA has long been warning of the lack of suitable personnel and applicants with the training and skills needed to face the growth cycle that the sector has been witnessing since 2016, bringing with it major challenges with respect to technology. This problem is particularly evident in the SMEs, the backbone of the Galician economy. The determined commitment to the "factory of the future" by both the public and private sectors clashes with the fact that our education systems are finding it difficult to keep up with the digital revolution.

  • 4th Sep, 2017 / 31st May, 2018
  • Completed
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  • Additive manufacturing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data analytic
  • Human machine interaction
  • Mechatronics/machine automation
  • Robotics
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  • Communication and dissemination activities
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  • National government funding
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  • Employees (Operators)
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  • Automotive
  • Technological

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At the level of the Galician automotive industry:  

·      Human Resources directors in the companies in the Galician Automotive Industry are applying the competences model and its evaluation tool with satisfactory results; some have requested permission to share them across their group and / or with counterparts in other companies / industries.

·      The inputs in to the project have helped to adapt, flesh-out and improve the training offered by CEAGA's Corporate University in the area of Industry 4.0. With a view to the mid and long-term, a working party was created with HR and training directors from companies in the sector to adapt the UCC's training in the context of Digital Transformation.

·      The pilot training programme had an excellent uptake in both the number of applications to participate and the interest shown by other companies to be involved in future initiatives. Furthermore, if the performance of the students as a whole is satisfactory, it is expected that there will be a 100% rate of hiring.


At the regional level: the Galician government has evaluated the project very favourably and is adopting measures based on it in Education and  Training and employment departments.

At national level: The advanced robotics programme designed by CEAGA, has been included in the official list of the National Employment Service, opening up the possibility that it may be taught by other entities and in other regions of Spain.

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