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Digital Upskilling Initiatives Catalogue

The European FIT4FoF project aims to provide a platform to share information on existing skills initiatives which address the six technology areas that have been identified by the project consortium as key to meet future demands in the context of Factories of the Future/Industry 4.0. Skills initiatives included in the FIT4FoF catalogue will relate to Robotics, Additive manufacturing, Mechatronics/machine automation, Data analytics, Cybersecurity or Human Machine Interaction.

For the purposes of this project a ‘skills initiative’ is any planned intervention which is intended to understand the current and future skills needs of employees or potential employees and to identify and undertake specific actions to address those needs.

Including your initiative in this online catalogue will enhance its visibility and give you an opportunity to compete for an award in the FIT4FoF closing event.

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The FIT4FoF Project will focus on analysing future skills needs in the following 6 technological areas.

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Digital Upskilling Initiatives Catalogue

By uploading your initiative, you are helping to build a picture of current activities in Europe and an understanding of how best to address the workers’ needs.