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Find here the documents of the FIT4FoF already sent and accepted by the European Commision.

Work Package 1

Work Package 2

Work Package 3

  • 3.2 Methods and tools for composition & assessment of training scenarios and templates

    Deliverable 3.2 Methods and Tools for Composition and Assessment of Training Scenarios and Templates

    This report introduces some of the methods and tools that may inform new training solution composition. The tools and methods are considered from the perspectives of the learner, the employer and the education provider and the Co-design methodology is introduced. To support the concept of tri-partite co-design methodology the project team held a design workshop and the report includes some of the considerations that emerged from that process.

  • 3.3 First version of the training scenario templates


Work Package 4

Work Package 5

Work Package 6

Work Package 7

  • 7.1 FIT4FoF Project website and Upskilling Digital Catalogue requirements

    D. 7.1 FIT4FoF Project website and Upskilling Digital Catalogue requirements

    This document collects the necessary requirements for the development of the website of the FIT4FoF Project and the Upskilling Digital Catalogue, as well as the needs and comments of all the partners of the consortium through the communication session carried out at the Project kick off meeting in November 2018.

    The FIT4FoF website is the most important communication channel of the project, and the Upskilling Digital Catalogue is an important element within this website. This document also includes the protocol for capturing Upskilling initiatives, as well as their approval or not in the catalogue.

  • 7.2 FIT4FoF Project communication material

    Deliverable 7.2 FIT4FoF Project communication material

    This document contains the communication set of the FIT4FoF project, as well as its indications and rules of use for the correct dissemination of the communicative contents, in order to guarantee the participation and attraction of stakeholders.

    The materials discussed in this document have been created by CEAGA, as lead partner of Work Package 7, in charge of communication and dissemination of the project. Therefore, CEAGA is responsible for sharing these materials with the other partners.

  • 7.6 Third report on participation in conferences, industrial fairs, and other events and impact of Dissemination and communication plan


  • 7.7 Report on policy input and impact