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FIT4FoF developed persona-scenario drawings according to the situation of the Industry

What will the industry be like in 10 years' time? What will its workers be like? These two questions are what the FIT4FoF members asked themselves to develop the images of the scenarios and people.

The FIT4FoF Scenarios bring together, in graphic form, the activities carried out throughout the three years of this European project: the identification of technological trends, relevant skills for the workers of the future, the job profiles related to these skills, the results of the ICoED and the experience of the pilots are captured in these scenarios. 

The German partner Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (S2i) was in charge of condensing all the information and results obtained by the FIT4FoF.

In July 2021, the project partners met in a collaborative workshop where they were able to adapt the scenarios chosen as a basis to the FIT4FoF standards, thanks to the MIRO platform that was also used during the co-design workshops. The FIT4FoF partners also described and developed an idea of what the professionals of the Factory of the Future would be like in 10 years.

Following the workshop, a graphic designer was contacted to represent this general project scenario which was achieved, as well as seven images representing the people working in the factory of the future according to each region.