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FIT4FoF members presented the project to the Skillman audience

The webinar "Tailor-made upskilling for the Factory of the Future" explained the approach to identify futre skills and job profiles, how an educational programme is developed and how it was implemented in one of the project pilot plants.

On Thursday 15 July, FIT4FoF members had the opportunity to present the results of the project to the Skillman Network community.

This webinar called "Tailor-made upskilling for the Factory of the Future" had as presenters Jacqueline Kehoe (Munster Technological University) to briefly show the project, Paulo Leitao (Instituto Politécnico de Bragança) explaining the approach used in the project for the identification of future skills and job profiles, showing also the platform developed by the IPB; Ann Lilith Kongsbak Rasmussen (University College of Northern Denmark) presenting the educational approach of FIT4FoF and more specifically the ICoED process and, finally, how this process was applied in one of the four pilots of the project through the intervention of Bogdan Marinescu to tell the experience gained in ARCTIC. The webinar recording and materials showed are available through the Skillman website.

The event was moderated by Valentina de Vico, Communication Manager of Skillman, the platform aimed at introducing innovative skills, competences and curricula for the advanced manufacturing sector through professional education centres. The Skillman network was launched in 2014 with the aim of connecting industry and training providers with civil society, as well as offering support services that drive the growth and effectiveness of its members. They currently have more than 540 members from 83 countries around the world including industry organisations, universities and research centres, NGOs, public bodies and other umbrella organisations, universities and training providers.

In November 2021 they will hold the Skillman International Forum, from the 15th to the 18th, online on redefining the future of learning in the advanced manufacturing sector organised in partnership with the European Training Foundation and in alliance with IVETA, AER, ENNI, and EAPRIL. This year, the event will focus on three topics: digital and green revolution, micro-credentials and Sharing is caring.