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The FIT4FoF project participated in the Skillman International Forum 2019

  • Place: Florence, Italy

Members of CIT and S2i went to the Skillman International Forum and offered a training design workshop.

Jacqueline Kehoe and Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann, partners from the Cork Institute of Technology and the Steinbeis S2i GmbH, attended the Skillman International Forum celebrated in Florence (Italy) on 10th and 11th October 2019.

This visit included a workshop based on "Learning Co-Design". The objective of this workshop was to propose and plan a training design workshop to involve all stakeholders in the training process, so that the process obtained would be effective and suitable for all training needs.

The workshop was attended by 16 people who were able to learn about the FIT4FoF project, its partners and their objectives, as well as the learning of the workshop itself. Many European companies find it difficult to recruit the qualified staff needed for industry 4.0 tasks vital to maintaining competitiveness and innovation. For this reason it is very important to develop tailored upskilling programs that support both workers and employers to be able to develop and improve, this was the message to communicate with the workshop.

The following events where the FIT4FoF project will be present is "Beyond IoT" in Cork (Ireland) in January 2020. In addition, the consortium members will meet in Paris on 19 and 20 November 2019.