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We have reached 100 members of the Communities of Practice!

The Communities of Practice aims to bring together a community centered on the FIT4FoF and, in less than a year, we have reached the 100 members with whom to create that community.

Within the FIT4FoF project are the Communities of Practices, based on the creation of communities focused on the transfer of knowledge, best practices and skills for the workers of the future. In addition, we want these communities to be established on a regional level to generate concepts and, at the same time, to connect these regions in order to accelerate the creation of ideas and guarantee the transfer of knowledge.

From the beginning of the project, the interested parties and people interested in the project have registered in the Communities of Practice, reaching today more than 100 members!

The CoP members are the first to have access to exclusive information about the FIT4FoF and any other event, such as the workshop held in Germany in June 2019. In near future, they will be the first to receive emails with the invitation to attend webinars based in the trainings of the project.

Interested in being part of this community and collaborating with the European project FIT4FoF?

Register in the form of this link and become a member of the Communities of Practice.