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5, Place de la gare des Saules

LÉA-CFI, l’école des métiers de la ville de demain

Partner name LÉA-CFI, l’école des métiers de la ville de demain 
Acronym LÉA-CFI
Kind of institution Professional training center. It depends on the Chamber of commerce and industry of Region Paris Ile-de-France (CCI PIDF)
Country France
Address 5, Place de la gare des Saules, ORLY
    LÉA-CFI, l’école des métiers de la ville de demain


    “LÉA-CFI, l’école des métiers de la ville de demain is a professional training center created in Septembre 2020 by mergering two until then distinct schools located in Paris and its area : “CFI, l’école connectée au futur de l’industrie” and “L’EA, l’école des éco-activités”.
    LÉA-CFI is located on 5 places (Aubergenville, Gennevilliers, Jouy-en-Josas, Orly, Paris) and offers 60 sandwich courses from the “CAP” (NVQ) to the “BAC + 5” level  (GNVQ advanced, Higher National Degree, Master) in several areas:

    Energy and home automation
    Building: construction trades, carpentry and wood construction, fiber optics and elevators,
    Energy performance: energy, climate and refrigeration engineering, electro-technical and maintenance trades,
    Public works: jobs in infrastructure development, civil engineering and networks, very high speed
    Vehicle maintenance: automotive, road transport and construction machinery trades,
    Valuation of spaces: professions in biodiversity, greenery, sports grounds and water,
    Business management: agribusiness trades,
    LÉA-CFI trains nearly 2 200 apprentices as well as adults, as LÉA-CFI is also involved in continuing education. 

    LÉA-CFI relies on expert and practical experienced trainers, all connected with companies expectations and needs and working in an innovative pedagogical way. More than 10 500 m2 pedagogic platforms and trendy equipement allow LÉA-CFI to offer  theoretical and practical applied courses. 

    LÉA-CFI also relies on support departments dedicated to apprentices and partners, among them a veru huge firms network. 
    An institutional project ensures the consistency of LÉA-CFI missions.

    LÉA-CFI offers a unique initial and continuous training offer, adapted to the needs of companies in the industrial sector of today and tomorrow, including international issues. It bases its ambition of excellence for its students and partners on a strong educational commitment and on its willingness to anticipate changes in its markets.

    LÉA-CFI is part of the  Chamber of commerce and industry of Region Paris Ile-de-France educative group which offer  about  500 trainings to more than 32 400 young people, among whom 13 700 apprentices.