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Sofiendalsvej 60

University College of Northern Denmark

Partner name University College of Northern Denmark 
Acronym UCN
Kind of institution Higher and further education
Country Denmark
Address Sofiendalsvej 60, Aalborg SV
    University College of Northern Denmark


    UCN is situated in Northern Jutland in Denmark and has campus locations in the cities of Hjørring, Thisted and Aalborg. UCN provides education as well as research, development and innovation within four areas:

    · Business

    · Education/social studies

    · Health

    · Technology

    University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) was established on 1 January 2008 after the passing of the Danish Act on university colleges of higher educations” in 2007. The merger of several educational institutions formed UCN, and at this UCN became the first Danish university college to offer in depth research and education competences within business-oriented fields in addition to education and research within education/social studies, health and technology. UCN has around 10,000 students and around 1,000 employees and offers close to 40 different study programs. UCN research takes its point of departure in the professions and industries towards which the study programs are targeted. As a result, UCN offer a unique combination of competences, and with tradition for cross-disciplinary collaboration across the different subject areas enables UCN to contribute with a multifaceted, practice related angle on the societal challenges that UCN help to solve.