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The focus of Pilots is to validate the educational and training approaches derived from the educational scenarios developed in WP3 and WP4 across a range of workplace environments and to also demonstrate that these solutions are scalable and can be replicated effectively at other piloting sites


These are the Pilots

Automotive Advance Manufacturing (Lead: CEAGA)


Automotive Advance Manufacturing (Lead: CEAGA) - Spain, focus on a blended learning approach and test it in the companies of the Galician Automotive Sector, through the participation of workers of different profiles such as middle management, women, senior workers, junior workers, etc.

Pilot 01

Smart Products & Manufacturing (Lead: MESAP)


will focus upon smart manufacturing, particularly with, and for, SMEs. Specific training activities will be composed to focus upon delivering responsive sand effective solutions for women and for older workers; lifelong learning strategies will be applied

Pilot 02

Medical Devices Smart Factory (Lead: BSL)


will focus upon the application of the FIT4FoF training approaches to extend the existing GROW programme for workplace training that is being run by BSCI at its Cork site, enabled by CIT and other educators.

Pilot 03

Smart Manufacturing of Appliances (Lead: ARCTIC)


will focus upon the application of the FIT4FoF training approaches in a scenario where the pilot partner is building a new Industry 4.0 factory and a new training and upskilling paradigm needs to enable and empower the workforce who will run this factory.

Pilot 04